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watching episode 11 of i may destroy you, the end of the episode was a gut punch and now tears are just falling. i feel so hurt for arabella
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This whole show is just hard to watch. Just when I think i've seen it all, WHAM- another blow. 😭
A Jazz Thing
A Jazz Thing
I've heard this show is really good!
Mosquitos! I'm begging you - stop eating up my body like there's no tomorrow and leave me alone for gods sake!
It's my Birthday!

Why do I feel so guilty for not having sex with this guy anymore? I don't owe him anything, I never climaxed w/ him, and he doesn't do anything for me or give me anything at all. I don't owe him anything but I still feel bad bc he's "nice." Ugh.
im hungry all the time and its so annoying, i feel like im addicted to food
Maybe you're bored? I know I'm feeling hungry when I'm bored even when I'm actually not physically feeling it. I get "mentally hungry" so I convince myself my body needs food. Lockdown was a prime example of it. Thank God its over now.
@Fashionfreak thats definitely part of it. if im home all i think of is food and its so easy to just get uber eats or raid my fridge. working from home isnt helping at all.
currently eating the most perfect bowl of chipotle 🤤
Used my last attempt 😭 it was the same questions as the first attempt so I was a bit more prepared. I definitely mess up in some parts but its better than the other attempts because I sound waaaaayyyyyyyy more upbeat and friendly. I sounded miserable in the other two.
Like I would be so mad if i did it a 3rd time and the questions were hard. But now all I have to do is spruce up my resume a bit and I can submit this thang. yall pls pray for me.
I recorded the second video, it went a lot smoother than the first and my answers were ok so imma just leave it in God's hands lol. The questions were way easier this time and i still sounded like a nervous blubbering fool, but im not gonna take a chance and record again lol.
just did the video recorded interview for this program and I did not do good 🥺 and I don't think I can redo it :( ugh I just want to get accepted so I can fucking move (and start a new career or whatever but mainly just move man).